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Wrong version of Debian on InfoMagic CD

This announcement is being made jointly by Infomagic and the
Debian Project. Unfortunately, the data placed on the
"InfoMagic Linux Developer's Resource 5-CD Set November 1995"
as "Debian 1.0" is _not_ the Debian 1.0 release, but an early
development version which is only partially in the ELF
format, will probably not boot or run correctly, and does not
represent the quality of a released Debian system. To prevent
confusion between the premature CD version and the actual
Debian release, the Debian Project has renamed its next
release to "Debian 1.1". The premature Debian 1.0 on CD is
deprecated and should not be used.

The Debian Project continues to develop its 1.1 release.
Meanwhile, they suggest users install only the stable Debian
0.93R6 release, which is available at ftp.debian.org and its
mirror sites. Since Debian supports in-place upgrades to
later versions, an installed Debian 0.93R6 system may be
upgraded to Debian 1.1 without any need to wipe out the older

InfoMagic and the Debian Project apologize for this mistake.
Closer communication between our two groups will prevent this
from happening again.

	Joel Goldberger - Infomagic
	Ian Murdock - Debian
	Bruce Perens - Debian

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