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archive mirrors


Appended to this message is the list of mirrors of ftp.debian.org.  If
you mirror Debian GNU/Linux and are not on this list, please mail me,
and I'll add you.  Also, please mail me if you have any corrections to
the contents of the appended file.


FTP Availability

   The primary Debian GNU/Linux archive is located on the machine
`ftp.debian.org' in the directory `/debian'.  The latest release of
the distribution and its documentation are always available there.

   We do ask, however, that you use a "mirror" of the primary archive
whenever possible.  A mirror is a machine that periodically downloads
the contents of an FTP archive, keeping an exact or nearly exact copy
of it available on a different machine.

   The advantages of using a mirror are that it keeps use of the primary
archive to a minimum (making it easier for the primary archive, for
example, to service mirrors) and that it may be possible to download the
distribution much faster from a mirror due to the difference in distance
or load of the machine that hosts the primary archive.  You will obtain
best results, in general, from the mirror closest to you.

   The disadvantage, of course, is that the mirror may not always be
completely up to date.  If you notice that any of these machines do not
mirror Debian GNU/Linux anymore, or if any of them have an older and
outdated copy of the distribution, please mail `debian@debian.org'.
















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United States:





South America



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