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Re: Hello - About MySql installation on Debian Server 10 (Buster)

You need download & then install the binary file from official repo of MySQL: 

Unlike other database systems, native MySQL is not present in the Debian 10 distribution, since its license is not GPL. Fortunately, MySQL offers official repositories from which you can download binaries.  

Raimundo Baravaglio

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El mar., 3 mar. 2020 a las 14:40, Carlos Montenegro (<carlosmontenegro.developer1@gmail.com>) escribió:
Good day friends !
Carlos here. First, thanks a lot for helping me.

I am installing Debian server 10 buster, then try to install MySql server 5.7, but packages turns into broken and I get the message: it depends on -debian-communityServer is not available.  

I am not sure what can I do for installing it. Any advice?

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