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Re: Bug#895193: transition: openmpi

On 11/04/2018 10:07, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
> On 04/11/2018 10:53 AM, Alastair McKinstry wrote:
>> As of 3.0.1, openmpi now works on Big-Endian powerpc (which was to be a
>> problem; it had been dropped upstream because of an unknown bug, now
>> fixed).
> Oh, really, they fixed that? I already had given up hopes and
> therefore ignored
> the thread on github out of frustration.
>From the thread (and related PRs it references) its fixed and works as
long as -O3 is used.
I've implemented and tested this in ./rules.

>> The other non-release archs were failing due to missing dependencies: in
>> particular java support (not used by any package in stable/testing) and
>> pmix (new; not used in testing/stable; pmix enables scaling to ~100,000+
>> nodes, which is unlikely to be needed).
> I am working on fixing the remaining OpenJDK issues. I'm an upstream
> committer in the OpenJDK project, so I can commit all changes myself.
Ok. I've just disabled support as necessary for archs with openjdk issues.
While a riscv64 build has not yet occurred (awaiting in queue to see),
all issues on all other archs should now be resolved,
making the transition possible.

>> So, the expected changes to mpi-defaults will no longer be needed.
> Yay, thanks so much for this!
> Adrian

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