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Re: Troubleshooting touchpad Acer Aspire AO1-413

On Fri, May 05, 2017 at 12:00:45PM +0000, Hugo Ricardo wrote:
> Ive bougth a new machine, it had Windows 10 preinstaled. I changed it for Deepin but now, the touchpad isnt working... how can I solve this problem?

A quick search makes it look like a common problem with Acer's.


It has two optinos there.  One is to change a BIOS setting for the
touchpad from advanced to basic, which apparently fixes it, or you can
do some manual fixing of the X config to make it work.

Apparently even windows users sometimes have issues with the advanced
mode setting.  Advanced mode is apparently required to get swipe and
pinch zoom and such to work.  If you just want it to work as a mouse,
basic is much more compatible.

Len Sorensen

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