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Re: Samba version in armhf?

On Tuesday 22 Nov 2016, Jo L wrote:
> I was trying bananian 16.04 which is based on Debian Jessie armhf on my
> Banana Pro, and it turned out that the Samba version 4.2.10 I got is pretty
> much outdated.
> Looking at https://packages.debian.org/search?arch=armhf&keywords=samba I
> guess this Is because there is no newer version available for Debian armhf
> in general. Is there any reason to stick to this version? How can I get a
> newer one (not compiling  it myself)?
> Thanks & Best regards, Joachim

Ask someone else to compile it for you :)

Debian Jessie has only 4.2.10  (plus security fixes)  on all architectures, not 
just armhf.  Debian Stretch has 4.4.7 on all architectures including armhf, so 
it probably isn't anything intrinsically to do with the ARM architecture.  So 
you *might* be able to install the Stretch version.

If it depends on something else newer than Jessie, though, you probably are 
going to end up having to compile it yourself anyway .....  

delta echo bravo six four at earthshod dot co dot uk

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