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running kodi (xbmc) on debian

Dear Folks,

I have been investigating alternatives to commercial satellite TV etc.

I notice that you can run something called kodi on linux that allows TV channel shows to be downloaded and watched on your PC.

You can then connect the PC to your TV via an HDMI cable and you are on the way to not needing the satellite any longer.

You could however, try what they call freesat and run that in conjunction with either chromecast, netflix or Amazon instant video.

But I think at least in principle, a lot of the free stuff you could get with freesat you could find online via kodi, and (if I understand it correctly) if you used e.g. Amazon instant video there would be a way to access it via kodi along with the free stuff.

I read somewhere online that if you ran Amazon instant video via kodi on your PC it wouldn't allow you to get HD channels for security reasons but you could get the HD channels if you used the Amazon fire box.

For me at any rate, it seems that if you have a pc and a TV then you should not need a TV box.....

I am interested to know a couple of things.

Has anyone tried using e.g. kodi and Amazon instant video in the debian world, and, what other software other than kodi are people currently using?


Michael Fothergill


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