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Re: complaints about systemd

On Sun, Aug 10, 2014 at 03:17:44PM +0200, Michael wrote:
> There were several problems, like with shut down, when sound card state should be saved but created a guru. Sometimes it didn't even boot because some ACPI thing stuck. Also my reboot / shutdown keys did not work anymore. I did not have these problems with sysvinit and now they seem to be gone again.

I too have had my debian testing amd64 hosed after an upgrade in the
last few days. I spent most of a day using a live disk just to get back
to something that would boot. Now at least I can get to a terminal and
the command line. I suspect that it is going to take at least a further
day to get the x back. I have better things to do with my time :-) .

I agree entirely about the silent broken "up"grade.

There are some aspects of systemd, in particular, the parallel design
which are good or better.

But I agree entirely about the wrongheaded monolithic structure, although
it is indeed built from small units, but seem so interdependent. And
debugging seems daunting and hardly supported.

Another problem is enforcing one way of doing things: it seems very
inflexible and unable to work around minor quirks that it is not

Disclaimer: I have not read the source so perhaps the above is not


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