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Re: Bits from the Release Team (Jessie freeze info)

On 22/10/13 23:36, Stewart Smith wrote:
> Jenkins can have slaves on remote hosts, via SSH. It runs a small java
> app there, so as long as the arch has a JVM then you're pretty right.

That may be useful to set up on some arches, for things where Jenkins
needs direct control over CPU-intensive tasks.  Building and testing
d-i, for example.

But for this, I would imagine only the test suite needs to run over SSH,
and the master Jenkins instance just has to process the output?

For the proposed test suite to be as accessible as possible to a
new/upcoming port, the barrier to using it ought to be very low.  A
working JVM is quite a lot to ask, the current openjdk-7 is not even
built for mipsel in more.  mipsel buildds and porterboxes had only 1GB
RAM maximum until now, and that is heavily used already for their
current tasks.

Steven Chamberlain

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