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Re: shell wrapper to set ioctls before & after a command execution?

On Thu, 6 Jun 2013, Robert Goley wrote:

That sounds like a good idea but you would need to blacklist the PIDs of the
commands called from your backup script as well.  Most likely, they are the
processes opening all of the files to start with.  You might want to look at
using a python script for your backup script so you can more easily capture
the PIDs of the executed commands.  

Actually, I use backuppc, which in turn just uses rsync (with a lot of
options). So it just gets down to substituting vanilla rsync with a wrapped
rsync. But in general, yes, you are completely right. So far, I came up with
this (generic) wrapper script:

#! /bin/bash

$* &


for dev in ${CACHEDEVICES} ; do flashcache_setioctl -a -b ${mypid} ${dev} ; done
wait ${mypid}
for dev in ${CACHEDEVICES} ; do flashcache_setioctl -r -b ${mypid} ${dev} ; done

exit ${exitcode}

Now I have to implement it through my updatedb (and similar) cron jobs, and
my backup system.



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