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Re: gnome-session & charsh

> jchempaint is based on gtk, therefore, in principle, it might run on
> other window managers based on gtk. However, if not offered as
> precompiled (as within gnome), it is extremely arduous to compile.

The fact that a program uses Gtk has no influence on what kind of
window-manager you can use.  Most Gtk programs will work just as happily
under any window-manager, or no window-manager at all.

> for GPU cards, to accelerate very heavy processes. I never tried if a
> simple window manager provides adequate support to that.

Similarly, the window-manager does not provide access to the GPU.
It might *use* the GPU, just like your VMD program, but you definitely
do not need a 3D window-manager to be able to use programs that need
access to the GPU (if there is any interaction, it's more likely to be
that a 3D window-manager does not let other applications use the GPU
because it's already busy handling the needs of the window-manager).


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