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Re: Debian package installed ....configuration afterwards?

From: stefaan.codde@telenet.be <stefaan.codde@telenet.be>
Date: Wed, Aug 08, 2012 at 03:52:13PM +0200
>    Not a problem tho, Debian offers precompiled packages and now I've
>    installed hylafax, t38modem
>    How configuring Hylafax and t38 modem , same as with compiled versions or
>    another approach.

Hints on configuring and using a package are either in the man page(s) for
the package, or in /usr/share/doc/<package name> for Debian specific

If you have specific questions on why a package in Debian doesn't react
like the same package in say Red Hat, this is the place. If you have a
vague, non-Debian specific question like 'how do I setup Hylafax' this
is not the right place at all. Try a generic Hylafax forum or
mailinglist, but first read the available information (see above).

Good luck,

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