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Re: Differences between amd64 and i386.

On Tue, Oct 18, 2011 at 11:50:08AM -0700, Instruisto Jose wrote:
> What are the main advantages of debian amd64 compared to i386 debian
> besides to address more than 4GB of memory?

* The 64-bit kernel enables the NX bit if it's available (which it is on
  most amd64 processors) and uses it automatically for 64-bit programs.
* The increase in the number of registers can provide significant
  performace increases.
* The ability to use 64-bit arithmetic and logical operations can
  provide significant performance increases.
* Floating-point operations both behave as expected and operate
  efficiently, thanks to SSE2.
* The compiler can depend on the CPU being able to perform more advanced
  operations, such as certain vector operations, which can increase

So basically, a lot of performance improvement potential.  20% is not
unheard of.

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