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Re: autodock packages

On Wed, Jan 19, 2011 at 09:55:49PM +0100, Francesco Pietra wrote:
> The suite autodock (docking small molecules onto a macromolecule) is a
> GNU fast evolving code. In Debian testing we find in fact the latest
> version 4.3. In Debian stable the autodock version is at 4.0, which is
> no more in use, drastically obsolete.

Why do you consider it obsolete?  Is the old version no longer
functional?  Does it use an outdated file format?  Does it output broken
results?  Does it have a security bug?

If the only reason it's "obsolete" is because there is a newer version
with more features, then you're probably not going to find a lot of
support for adding new versions to stable.

>  What that means? That one tries with binary offered by autodock. It
> may well not run, and in fact it does not on my
> amd6a/dualopteron-based machine.

The upstream binaries are for i386 and ia64.  Neither one of those is
amd64, although it's possible that the i386 binary may run with
ia32-libs installed.

> I (vaguely) know the reasons for all that, being intrinsic to the
> rules of Debian. However, it remains that such deb compilations are a
> waste of time from both the side of the maintainers and the users. I
> hope a day will come when a general arrangement will be found to save
> time from both sides.

If you think the package should not be included in a stable release,
feel free to contact the package maintainer.  The volatile archive may
be a more appropriate place for this.  It's really up to the maintainers
whether they want to maintain it in volatile vs. stable.

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