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help getting grub to see Windows 7 on second drive

Dear folks,

Thanks for the suggestions here.  In the end pressure to get the
Windows installed fast meant I cheated and reinstalled Debian on the
first drive.  So I didn't run grub-update.   Also I was so busy I
didn't get time to read your emails before the great Lenny download
and re-installation began.....

I think the grub update idea might have worked.   Now Windows boots
when I start up the PC however, F8 allows me to alter the disk boot
order using the BIOS and then the other disk fires up and I get GRUB
which gives me a nice menu with the Debian and Windows to choose
from......  Maybe if I ran grub-update then the next time I boot up I
wouldn't see Windows appearing by default.....

I have another PC at home with two drives on it.  At christmas I will
delete the 64studio linux OS I have on the second drive and then put
Windows on as an experiment having disconnected the other drive with
Debian on it.   Then I will hook it up again, fire up grub and Debian
and then try grub-update to see what happens........

I have paid a penalty for reinstalling Debian as I knew I would.....
I can't get my Brother DCP7030 scanner working again using the brscan
and brscan-skey software deb files produced by Brother to run it.  It
takes quite a bit of farting around and one step has not worked.....
I can't be bothered trying to figure out what is wrong.  I will also
need to reinstall Opera in Debian which is also a bit of magical
mystery tour but I will get there........

Windows of course saw the scanner right off the bat and then scanned
some files and rebooted into Debian mounted the Windows disk on the
linux tree and ran gscantopdf on the scanned files and worked round my
scanning problem.

But of course if I had realised to try the grub update idea before I
reinstalled it might have worked and I would have got away without
having to reinstall.  It really ought to be possible to find a way to
install Windows after Debian has been installed and not have to
reinstall the Debian to fix the booting problems.....   If the grub
update would work then we would have a generic recipe for anyone to

1. Get a new disk and install it.

2 Disconnect the existing disk(s) with Debian on them.

3.  Install Windows

4.  Reconnect Debian drive

5. Fire up Debian and run grub-update

6. Et voila.....  hermetically sealed sterilised Windows and unruffled
Debian installation....

 I will try again later.


Michael Fothergill

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