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Re: dumb question about dual booting debian and Windows 7 on separate drives.....

Partition magic really isn't worth it anymore.  It rarely works with
modern large disks.

I agree. A similar open source solution that works better is GParted.  They have a bootable iso that gives you the same type of functionality. 

That would be a way to load Linux first and Windows second on two
separate drives and still be able to get a choice to load either OS on
boot up of the PC......
How would you modify grub to see a Windows OS that hasn't been
installed yet?  Could I use the installer in Debian to make Windows
partition on the new drive and then install the Windows on it and then
grub would see it and boot up seeing both OSes?

It is possible I think to modify the bootloader in Windows (without
using e.g. Partition Magic) to sniff out the Linux and allow you to
choice of booting it when you boot up the PC......
Yes, but it's fragile and not worth doing that way.

I believe he is trying to get similar functionality as the BootMagic software that was distributed with Partition Magic.  It was essentially a boot loader that booted other bootloaders (lilo, grub, NT loader etc).  Would recommend using Grub myself instead.  Works better overall.  It is simple enough to restore Grub to the MBR when Windows overwrites it by using a boot/rescue disc.  Although, it is possible to add a Grub4DOS entry to the NT loader that would provide a failsafe to allow booting into Linux from Windows in the event Windows overwrites the bootloader on the MBR.

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