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Re: dumb question about dual booting debian and Windows 7 on separate drives.....

There's nothing amd64 specific in this question, debian-user would have been better.

On Qua, 08 Dez 2010, Michael Fothergill wrote:
I bought an extra SATA drive and hooked it up so now I have two one
with Debian on it.   My plan is to install Windows on the new
drive......  If you installed Windows on the new drive and then
installed Debian grub would see the Windows on the other drive and
create a boot option for you to fire it up if you wanted to when you
boot the PC up.....

But if you installed debian first as I have on one disk and then add
Windows on the other one then if you boot up the machine it will load
Windows and you won't get a choice to fire up Linux (at least I don't
expect it).

Yeah, installing Windows will probably overwrite you MBR and make you linux unbootable.

But that's easy to recover. Just boot any linux CD (the debian installer CD will probably work, or use some live distro) and recover grub:


There are many other similar guides.

It is possible I think to modify the bootloader in Windows (without
using e.g. Partition Magic) to sniff out the Linux and allow you to
choice of booting it when you boot up the PC......

That is possible, but I have never tried. I personally don't like that solution much, I'd rather trust grub to boot Windows that trust Windows to boot anything that is not Windows.

I don't get no respect.


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