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Re: Intel Wifi Link 5100 -> halt system on Squeeze

On Sat, Nov 13, 2010 at 04:58:52PM -0300, Felipe Valverde wrote:
> Definitively the culprit is the new driver. I tried the testing and the
> > unstable driver but they just do not work properly. They will freeze my
> > laptop as soon as I try to connect to a wireless network. My fix is just a
> > band-aid and it can't be considered a good fix, but it works.
> In order to know if the driver is the problem, I compiled the
> kernel version a few time ago and works perfectly (I'm using it now), so I
> think that the problem isn't the driver. Before that, I compiled others
> version and also works.
> Another interesting thing is with the same hardware on Ubuntu also works,
> so, I wonder if the problem is on the way that the kernel was compile for
> amd64 or something else.
> On the other hand, when I used the 2.6.32-27 (current kernel for Squeeze)
> the system is halt most of the time.
> So... ¿Someone is using the current kernel and drivers from Squeeze
> repository on a amd64 and have it working well?

If upgrading the kernel fixes things, then it does sound like a driver
issue.  Almost certainly the driver has changed between 2.6.32 and

This wouldn't be the first time an update has broken the 5100.
It happened once before that a stable point update broke the 5100.
I think that was in 2.6.31 or maybe early 2.6.32.

Len Sorensen

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