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Re: ADA Help

On 10/31/2010 01:22 PM, Jenei Gábor wrote:

Could anyone help me?I'm just trying to make an ADA program,but the
excercise seems to be to store variant records in an Array.Is it
Possible?Actually the memebers of my record depend on the
discriminant(if discriminant is true then I have one more
member,otherwise only 3 members).Any idea to do this?I also have to
do this inside a package where I define functions and procedures in
connection with this.I have no idea,please help!

Smells like *homework*!

Anyway, this list is specifically for issues regarding Debian on AMD64 chips, and your question is obviously way OT.

So, go to comp.lang.ada and pray they also don't say "You're supposed to do your own homework..."

Seek truth from facts.

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