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cannot mount LVM logical volume in /etc/fstab


On Debian sid system, I successfully created a LVM logical volume in a
volume group in a USB external hard drive using system-config-lvm.  The
logical volume was designated as ext3, created a mount point for it
under /media, and it was also added to /etc/fstab by that tool.  The
following entry in /etc/fstab was created:

/dev/SUPER/RODINIA /media/RODINIA ext3 defaults 1 2

However, problems occur during boot-up, with a message "fsck no such
file or directory while trying to open /dev/SUPER/RODINIA" (couldn't
save the full message), and the option to enter root password or press
"Control-D" was offered.  Doing the latter, allowed the booting
procedure to continue, but the LVM volume could not be mounted.  The
volume mounts fine from system-config-lvm (using option "edit
properties" and choosing "mount"), but the /etc/fstab entry is obviously
broken.  Some people report that it might be a timing issue, whereby
udev doesn't create the devices fast enough, but it's not clear how to
get around this or if this is really the problem here.  Any tips would
be welcome.



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