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Re: Intel mac support for Squeeze?

On 9/12/10, Hendrik Boom <hendrik@topoi.pooq.com> wrote:
> On Mon, 16 Aug 2010 16:02:31 +0100, Matthew Vernon wrote:
>> [I'm not on this mailing list - it'd be kindness if you CCd any replies]
>> Hi,
>> What's the status of Intel Mac support in Squeeze?

I had it going for the 1st half of the year on my Macbook (2ghz
core2duo Late 2006) until an apt-get upgrade broke it (a circular
dependency blocked the rest of the upgrades) I tried to fix by hand
and only succeeded in completely breaking the system.

When I install Debian sometimes or often to run Testing I need to
install Stable, the edit /etc/apt/sources.list and apt-get update;
apt-get distupgrade -- under which circumstances I do only the
absolute minimum install. That is, the installer gives me problems but
the system does work.

I downloaded Ubuntu10 which I had just put on an old powerbookg3 and
worked very well.
Haven't tried it yet though, not sure if the problem related more to
the distro or more to amd64 or both.

> Would Debian's coming non-Linux platform (being BSD instead) be at all
> relevant ehre?

I believe that is just a port of NetBSD packages, to be used with the
Debian Linux kernel and drivers and possibly more.

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