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Re: Archive access

> Sid is always unstable - never released - the backronym is "Still In Development"
> Don't run sid unless you are prepared to deal with a high pace of change,
> a high churn rate in terms of packages and a degree of breakage.

If you learn how to use a package manager like synaptics or aptitude, and do updates only manually, then there's only a low risk to break things when running 'unstable' (sid). 

You can have 'testing' in the sources list too, and now and then decide to downgrade again. You can cancel / take back any selections, and put some packages on 'hold'. It's usually not too much effort, but requires understanding how packages and package managers work. You would have to read the manuals.

Nobody expects the average desktop user to do this. But it should be mentioned because this is what people mean when they say that sid is kind of stable enough, most times. I know this is true, but only if you are ready to dive into it.

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