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Re:[SOLVED} WXP Guest KVM CD problem

Found out the problem. Just needed to change the cd in the drive to the new cd for installing new program and rebooting. Then just do the install as normal on wxp using the cd in the drive.

Then, I am told I can just pull the cd out of the drive, and then go to remove the drive on the hardware tab and reboot. At this point since there is no cd present, it is not looking for a cd to be in the drive. then if I want to install another program, I just add back the cd drive in the hardware tab and reboot WinXP and it will see the drive w. the new program installer and just then do the install.

What a deal. Now trying to figure out how to set up printing. One thing after another. Darn. I'll get it tho'.


Whit Hansell wrote:
OK guys,
I'm big time stuck and need help. Got WXP Pro loaded as guest using KVM and can access and it using the Virtual Machine Manager BUT can't use the CD at all.

Truth is that the guest will NOT come up unless I have a cd in the cd/dvd drive. A blank one works but there must be a cd in the drive in order for the system to come up.

It seems that this is a result of the XP install where the install cd must be in the drive because XP requires a reboot to finish the install but when that's over I can't get the system to eject the cd thru the new guest OS or the manager. I can remove it by going to the host and such but only the host recognizes a new cd if one is put in the drive. When I go back to the guest it just recognizes there is a cd in the drive but that's it. I can't open the drive, eject a disc or anything else using the guest os (XP) or even the Virtual Machine Manager. I can't do ANYTHING with the cd that it will recognize at all.

Anyone got an idea how to handle this? I'm lost I've got internet access and sound and mouse and keyboard et al. Everything seems to work fine except the cd access situation where the system seems won't let me remove the "install" cd.

Any help will be appreciated.

Again, thanks in advance. It works great but I need to be able to install using some of my own install disks for some older and newer programs requiring Windows.


PS: the trick using cntrl + alt + a number(1-9) won't work either. Can't get to qemu thru that access point either. I think I'm supposed to be able to but it does nothing when used.

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