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Re: misconfiguration or bug? (nvidia packages)

Ive just started seeing that same thing, but running sid i dont jump to much unless a problem doesnt go away within a month or so.

I havent had any adverse affects...

Hopefully an updated package will come through soon?


Hans-J. Ullrich wrote:
Dear maintainers,

on my amd64 system I discovered in syslog this entry:

Feb 21 10:08:23 localhost console-kit-daemon[6040]: WARNING: Unable to spawn /usr/lib/ConsoleKit/run-seat.d/nvidia_helper.ck: Failed to execute child process "/usr/lib/ConsoleKit/run-seat.d/nvidia_helper.ck" (Permission denied) Feb 21 10:08:25 localhost udevd-work[20614]: exec of program '/lib/udev/nvidia_helper' failed

It seems, the nvidia-package is not packed as for debian structured. To get it correctly running, here is my workaround:

1. move usr/lib/ConsoleKit/run-seat.d/nvidia_helper.ck to /lib/udev/ and make it executable (root:root/ rwx r-x r-x)

2. go to /usr/lib/ConsoleKit/run-seat.d/ and create a symlink for the file doing ln -s /lib/udev/nvidia_helper.ck nvidia_helper.ck

3. Reboot

Maybe you want to change it in the next package-version?

I do not know, if this behaviour is on i386-machines, too, as I my only machine with an Nvidia card is an amd64 machine.

Have fun!


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