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Re: Grub-pc problem

Hello Simon,

Are you upgrading from grub-legacy to grub2 (grub-pc) ?
If the old grub worked for you before without problems then it may help if you post the old config file /boot/grub/menu.lst and the new one which is effectively /etc/default/grub.

If there's something special with your laptop then you probably would need to tell that of course. Like an exotic or encrypted filesystem.

You can enter a grub shell with 'c' and there are some commands available to test if grub can find any file in /boot/grub directory. Try 'search' (search devices by a file or a filesystem label) and 'help'.



Another thing which you can do is downgrade to legacy grub again, then repeat the upgrade process and try to answer the debian configurators' questions somehow differently. 

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