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Re: Problem with my HDD and FS's after upgrade and cloning the HDD

Hello James,

* James Brown schrieb:

> I use the Debian Lenny AMD64 on my laptop Acer TravelMate 3043.
> After upgrading from my old HDD 120GB to 500GB and cloning the first to
> the last, I have the next problem:
I think you have cloned your disk with an external Desktop-PC, right?
And the desktop PC has another hardware than your laptop!
I've hat a similar problem 3 weeks ago with one of my customers, 
I cloned a disk of a desktop
PC (Suse 8.2) by hand with another desktop PC  (Suse 10.2). I had the 
a simlar error (I don't remember the exactly error text) and 
Suse 8.2 didn't find the partitions! I use always ext3 as filesystem. 
So I cloned again the disk in the Suse 8.2 machine and all went well, 
no errors! 

An idea: take parted or acronis Disk Director, etc, boot your Laptop 
with one of these tools (e.g. take knoppix on CD/DVD) and resize your 
partitions a little bit! But leave your disk in your latop! parted 
or acronis, .. should make correct boundaries while resizing.

Let me know if you have success. 

Feel free top forward/quote my posting to debian-laptop@lists.debian.org, 
I'm not subscribed. 


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