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Re: kde4

On Thu, September 24, 2009 05:12, Karl Schmidt wrote:
> Anyone running KDE4?  Any AMD64 issues?

None at all. Running on testing for the last few months.

> Can it be loaded running lenny?

Not sure. I'm running testing.

> Is it stable enough to use now?

Is it ever!

> I want to load it up on a working system - don't want to make a mess of it
> if it is too soon - a
> couple of bugs here and there would be OK - as long as it is currently
> usable.

I use it on my workstation (AMD64 single-core) and laptop (ancient
Thinkpad). No issues at all.

> Is there any thing special to do to migrate from kde3 - to kde4?

This may be of interest:



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