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Re: kde4

On Wed, Sep 23, 2009 at 2:40 PM, Ivan Marin <ispmarin@gmail.com> wrote:

2009/9/23 Karl Schmidt <karl@xtronics.com>

Anyone running KDE4?  Any AMD64 issues?

Running fine with Sid on amd64.

Can it be loaded running lenny?

lenny + depends


Is it stable enough to use now?

Very, very stable, both the environment and the applications, like Dolphin, Okular and company.

for months now...

I want to load it up on a working system - don't want to make a mess of it if it is too soon - a couple of bugs here and there would be OK - as long as it is currently usable.

I'm using it on my workstation and laptop, on my production machines. 

Is there any thing special to do to migrate from kde3 - to kde4?

AFICT, there is a tool for the kde3 to kde4 migration.

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