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Re: Updating system with ia32-apt-get

I can see that ia32-apt is a valid concept, and perhaps the first step toward real multiarch.
But left aside that i'm deliberately running Sid and used to screw the system since many years, let me speak on behalf of a desktop user. Then i just would expect more integration, namely: A converter (script) that installs all ia32 libs in use (depending on the packages installed) automaticly and cares for the incompatibility somehow (for example by setting up global aliases ?), so that even synaptics would be fine.

The 'upgrade' is smooth when users aren't urged to figure out how they can get what they had before, again. It also should offer a way to turn back safely without manual re-configuration.
That's what i would expect from a 'package management'.
For example, the upgrade to grub2 is a good demonstration.

As you can see I'm not talking about the library packages in the first place. I believe todays' user i won't care too much if there are 50 M more or less installed.

Now when we're talking about a 'clean system' then tell me that a system with two incompatible administration tools is clean! And future major changes in 'legacy' apt would probably mean another manual workload (as always with apps outside mainstream), including the time needed just to figure what's up.

That said, it's clear that Goswins packages are a step in the right direction. I actually wonder, Goswin, didn't you consider to engage in the apt upstream directly to work on multiarch ? Maybe they'd appreciate your help.

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