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Re: I want all my 4GB!!!

Thierry Chatelet wrote:
> On Monday 20 July 2009 22:08:58 James Brown wrote:
>> I have a laptop Acer TravelMate 3043WTMi under Lenny AMD64 with 4GD RAM.
>> But the system "see" only 3GB:
>> dmesg |grep Memory
>> [    0.004000] Memory: 3081184k/3136000k available (2225k kernel code,
>> 54428k reserved, 1080k data, 392k init)
>> $ cat /proc/meminfo
>> MemTotal:      3088108 kB
>> How can I get all my 4GB memory?
> Before looking into kernel option (all? recent kernel come by default with 
> bigmem enabled), I would look into the specs of the machine, ie: does it 
> support any memory speed with 4 Gb? I have seem thread in the past here 
> relating to this problem. And I know for sure on my aspire 5715z, this is the 
> case.
> Thierry
In the manual of my laptop was written that it was possible to upgrade
its RAM to 4GB.

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