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Re: AMD vs Intel in 2009

On Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 08:45:24PM +0200, Dennis Johansen wrote:
> I'm having Lenny 64-bit running on a ASUS M3N78PRO MOBO - 8 gb ram and the
> AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 940 Processor
> It's the fastest system I've worked with :-) and the cost for the mobo,
> processor and the ram is today approx 552 USD here in Denmark.

Then add the case, power supply, harddisk, video card (sorry onboard
just doesn't interest me at all).  Now you are at $1000.  Add a nice
monitor and you hit $1500.  Now how much difference is there in price
between the phenom and the core i7 system?  Of course if your workload
has no benefit from a core i7, then it is just a waste of money and the
phenom would be a better choice for less money.

I like AMD and I really hope they can come out with another intel beating
chip soon, because the competition is great, and I will buy whatever is
best at the tinme.  I don't care if it is AMD or intel, as long as it
is a good design and gives me good value for the money.  The athlon 64
and opteron were amazing chips 5 years ago, and certainly proved just
how bad the pentium 4 was (which I never considered buying at all).

Unfortunately intel seems to have gained some clue again after the P4,
and are finally making nice CPUs again.  This of course is bad for AMD
given intel has vastly more development resources than AMD does.

Len Sorensen

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