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Re: Re: Need older nvidia-kernel-source (vers. 180.x.x)

Hi Randall, 

thanks for the older package. I checked it out and can now verify: There is a 
bug in nvidia-kernel or nvidia-glx.

As I could not find out, which of the two, I could not send a bugreport. So I 
do it here.

I also can not test on a 32-bit system, so this report is amd64-related only.


Using nvidia-xxxx version 180.x.x is running stable and fine.

With an update to latest version 185.x.x it appears, whenever I start the 
application "tvbrowser" (which is needing and using heavy java), the 
windowmanager crashes. Crashes means: windows get puzzeled and look wiered 
(not easy to describe, sorry). 

It seems, this happens mostly running in KDE4, while this seldom appeared in 
lightweighted windowmanagers like XFCE or fluxbox.

Does this help a little bit? I will be pleased to send more information, if 


Hans-J. Ullrich

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