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Re: mounting ntfs partitions?

Am Montag 11 Mai 2009 schrieb hendrik@topoi.pooq.com:
> On Mon, May 11, 2009 at 06:33:06PM +0200, Jochen Schulz wrote:
> > Hans-J. Ullrich:
> > > how can I get read-write access as a normal user to a ntfs-partition?
> > > I trioed ntfsmount and pmount (with configured pmount.allow), but i
> > > found no way to get write-access as a normal user.
> >
> > The ntfs module in the kernel offers only very limited write access. It
> > is a feature constraint you have to live with.
> A few years ago I heard that this constraint was to prevent damage to
> the NTFS file system, which the develoers were not sure they fully
> understood yet (Microsoft secrets and such). I thought that things had
> progessed since them.
> - hendrik
> > > What is the debian-way?
> >
> > Use ntfs-3g.
> >
> > J.
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Ah, yes, this does it explain. I know, that ntfs to set r-w is always dangerous, and as far as I know, the kerne-module sets the ntfs-partition to read-only.

In my case, there are no important datas on the partition, I use it for testing purposes or as a container to save files for a short time. I just wondered, that users are not allowed to mount partitions r-w (usb, vfat, external drives), but meanwhile I know more about debian and mount. I discovered pmount.

Thanks for help!



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