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Re: Xerox PHASER 3100MFP

On Tuesday 05 May 2009 14:26:43 Pepo wrote:
> Hi.
> Friends, Do someone can help me? I have a printer Xerox PHASER 3100MFP and
> I wanna use it with my kernel 2.6 and my processor amd64 ¿Do somebody have
> this printer or know how to install it?
> The driver are available for Intel (32bits) and kernels 2.4 ¿Do I can use
> they for my amd64 and my kernel 2.6?
> A lot of thanks.
> Pepo.

Hi friends.

I've installed my printer ... I have to use dpkg -x 
libcupsimage2_1.3.8-1lenny4.1_i386.deb and then copy libcupsimage.so.2 
in /usr/lib32/libcupsimage.so.2

Now, I am trying to use the scanner...

I got these messages:

Like root:

sudo scanimage -L
device `XeroxPhaser3100:usb:002:002' is a XEROX 3100MFP Feeder/Flatbed Scanner

Like normal user:

scanimage -L
device `v4l:/dev/video0' is a Noname Genius VideoCam Ge111 virtual device

The scanner is working right when try it with root and commands like: sudo 
scanimage --device-name XeroxPhaser3100:usb:002:002 --format png > test.png.

Please, What files I have to modify to use my USB scanner just like normal 

A lot of thanks.


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