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Re: Compiling 32-bit Debian Kernel on a 64-bit Debian OS on a 64-bit machine

Kushal Koolwal wrote:

I am running Debian Lenny (64-bit) on my new AMD X2 64-bit Dual Core processor. I would like to compile a 32-bit Debian kernel for my Intel Mobile processor machine. How can I do that? I usually compile Debian kernel 'the Debian way' i.e. using make-kpkg.

You could set up a chroot-ed 32 bits Debian on your 64 bit machine and compile Debian inside. For example, I use schroot with the following in /etc/schroot/schroot.conf

description=Debian Lenny 32bits

The personality line is important. This uses the personality syscall so that in the schroot-ed lenny32 the uname call gives the illusion of a 32 bits machine.

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