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usermin and webmin

Dear debian-maintainers, 

a long time ago, there were the packages "usermin" and "webmin" in your 
repository. You took them away, as the code of these applications were very 
bad (spaghetti code) and so it ddid not fit the high qualtity Debian is 
standing for. 

Now are two years gone, and I have heard by lots of coders, that the code of 
those applications is significantly improved, the code shall now be very 
good, and the applications are both running very stable.

As I am no coder, I cannot assess this by myself, so it would be nice, if you 
could take a look on it and maybe get it back into the repository again.

Must I somehow apply for this somewhere else ????

I would be very pleased, if it will be in the repository again, as IMO it is 
one of the best applications I know.

Thenak you very much for your attention!

best regards


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