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Cannot boot with latest Lenny kernel 2.6.26


My server is a dual Opteron 265, 4GB RAM, 4x10k SCSI drives in RAID0 on
an Adaptec zero channel SmartRaid V card (the drive appears as
/dev/i2o/hda1, so it's using the i2o_block driver).

I am running fully up-to-date Debian Lenny, using the AMD64 port.

I cannot boot with the latest kernel - It stops early on, just
after detecting disks, with this line:

Begin: Waiting for root file system...

It just hangs there.

The last "good" kernel that works is I haven't tweaked
anything, these are both the stock build AMD64 kernels. I'm fairly
certain this is a bug of some kind, since everything works ok with the
earlier kernel. Things seemed to break going from 2.6.25 to 2.6.26.

I am wondering if anyone else is having this issue, if it's a known bug,
or something that I need to enter as a bug. Can anybody help?



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