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Re: Machine died

On Fri, Nov 21, 2008 at 03:10:23PM +0100, Gilles wrote:
> I'm still not sure that my power supply is good; but even if it isn't,
> since I tried another one with all RAM unplugged, I figure that the MB
> should have beeped. No?
> If so, RAM can be bad, but the MB is surely bad :-/

A board without ram may do nothing at all (not even beep).  Depends on
the design of the board.

> Talking about RAM, is it possible to re-use it in a new MB? That is if the
> frequency is _lower_ than the one recommended by the MB? Also, I think that
> they are ECC.
> If not, what make is recommended nowadays?

Depends on the board.

As for what ram is good for a server, I have no idea, I mainly deal with

> I didn't think of that. That's a good idea since although with my usage a
> Core 2 is more than enough, I assume (?) that the prices might drop when
> the new series is available.

Aren't the prices low enough for you already?  For raw processing power,
a Q6600 is quite something for the money (I run my mythtv box with one),
although the Q9xxx series will use less power and run quieter.

> [I can use the laptop in the meantime but I'll have to transfer data that
> was on a RAID1 disk. Is there anything I should be aware of if I plug this
> drive as an external (USB) disk? Do you know the "mdadm" command to use to
> make the RAID partition available (possibly read-only)?]

Just assemble with mdadm with a missing device, and it should be fine.

> What do you think of this MB:
> http://www.cotubex.be/informatics/info.asp?cat=Motherboard&artnr=34821&navniv=2

It seems like a nice board.  I use a P5K along with my Q6600.  I think
the P5Q is pretty much just an update from that.  I used a P5Q-Pro for
my father's new machine a couple of month ago, although he runs windows
so I have no idea how linux runs on it.  I would expect no problem with
linux since it is an intel chipset though.  For memory I used:
Crucial Ballistix BL2KIT25664AA80A DDR2-6400 2*2GB.  Fast, and so far

> What is the advantage?
> Do you have a specific make in mind?

It is more efficient, so costs less to run in the long term.

I like PC Power & Cooling myself.  The Silencer 610 is what I used for
this last machien I built.  Single 12V rail is so much simpler and more
efficient to work with that most power supplies that use multiple 12V

> Also an ASUS card then?
> Do I lose something (since I'm currently not a gamer) by taking the
> cheapest from those:
>   N7200GS
>   N8400GS
>   N8600GT
>   N9600GT
>   N9600GTX
> [I just might want to try compiz some day...]

Well the last card I got was for my father which was a PNY Quadro FX
3700, but that's a special case.

I have an 8600GT in my mythtv box.  I don't like the x500 and lower
since they tend to go for very slow crappy ram, and tend to have VGA
connectors which I will never have a need for again (and DVI to VGA
dongles are easy to get if I did).

XFX, MSI, Asus, etc all make perfectly decent video cards.  The main
difference is that some are overclocked and some have silent or at least
quieter cooling.  Other than that the difference is what software they
include in the box, but unless you like games on windows and they
include one you want, that isn't really anything to care about.  Some
have better warrenty and service.

> Is there a recommended card (from the point-of-view of the debian-packaged
> driver support)?

The 9xxx could still be a problem because they are so new.  8xxx and
lower should not be a problem.  Of course the older the model, the
sooner one could start to have to use a legacy support driver, so
sticking with 8xxx might make sense.  The driver in lenny however will
support the 9600GT, all the 8xxx cards and lower.  9800GX2 and 9800GTX
are also supported, but rather expensive.

There is no such thing as a 9600GTX, so probably not supported. :)

Len Sorensen

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