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Heavy bug in kde !

Dear maintainers,

I discovered a heavy bug in kde.

As I do not know, which part is responsible for it, I hope, someone other know 
and will send a bugreport for the package (or tell it to me, so that I can 
report it).

Bug description:

When you want to save your settings of kde (I mean your "personal settings", 
the one, you save with the button "save settings" in the K-Menu), and you 
restart kde again, your settings are lost.

Worse, you loose all your virtual desktops, there is only one left. All 
windows lost their frames (looks similar to the windows, when you start 
compiz) and it is no more possible to move windows !

Deleting ~/.kde or ./kde4 does NOT help ! So be warned: Get your old ~/.kde 
and ~/.kde4 as backup, otherwise you crash your whole kde !!!

I could not find out, which part and files of KDE are responsible for this 

It is the same, when you try this as the user "root". You will crash kde of 
user "root", too !

Again, if you want to find out what happens, be very, very careful and get 
your old kde-settings as backup. 

At the moment I can confirm this behaviour only on an amd64-system, as for 
normal users, for "root" and as well as for newly added users. 


If you know, please send this bugreport to the right maintainer or give me an 
advice, whom I have to send best.

Thank you very much !



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