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Re: Video playback using xv driver

On Fri, Mar 28, 2008 at 02:31:58PM +0100, Simon Vos wrote:
> Today I tried to playback a video on my pc using totem, but the colors
> were wrong. The faces of the people in the video were blue-ish. This
> problem occurs with totem, but also with vlc and mplayer, so I thought
> maybe its the outpu that is wrong, so I tried x11 instead of xv in
> mplayer and vlc and this worked. Does anyone have the same problem with
> their nvidia graphics card using the "nvidia" xorg driver?

Never seen a problem like that.

Maybe bad video file, or there is a bug in the codec used by that file.

Given multiple players failing it is likely a codec bug or a problem
with the file (since most of the players share many of the codecs).

Of course it could be a bug in the nvidia driver too related to the way
the video data coming out of a given codec is processed.  I believe the
x11 driver, all the processing is doing by the player/codec and fully
decoded video is sent to the video card.  With xv a lot of the decoding
and conversion (YUV to RGB and all that) is done by the video driver or
hardware, so there certainly is a possibility of different behaviour

Len Sorensen

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