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SCSI Device Addresses

Hi All

This isn't strictly an AMD64 question as the problem would probably also
appear on i386 systems too.  However, you lot are way too
knowledgeable... :-)

I have a system with two RAID controllers (3wave) installed and a
separate SATA disk for the OS.  I pulled the RAID disk and installed
Debian Etch to the SATA no problem at all.  I then bounced the system
and used the BIOS RAID util to create just one RAID-5 array from four
(of the eight) disks on one of the controllers.  When I booted with the
new config the new disk aray was offered up by the controllers to the OS
and was assigned /dev/sda, i.e before the SATA disk with the OS on it,
and the system thus failed to boot.  Pull the RAID disks and the SATA
returns to SDA and the system comes up fine.

As the kernel is assigning disk IDs dynamically is there some way of
forcing given devices to have given SCSI addresses.  Our plan is to have
the 16 disks configured into 4 arrays of four disks each.  There maybe
times when a disk array is taken off line and the disks pulled.  What I
don't want is for the arrays "downstream" of the pulled array to be
assigned different SCSI addresses and thus come up with the wrong file
system on the mount points.

Thanks for your help and advice.
Steve Dobson

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