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Re: Skype 2.0 beta on debian sid amd64?

On 12/10/2007 10:37 AM, Lars Schimmer wrote:
> Hi!
> I want to use the skype 2.0 beta .deb package on my debian amd64 sid system.
> I saw hell a lot of guides hwoto use chroot, but I don't want a chroot!
> Any guide available which is simple enough (e.g. just install some .deb
> and it works?)?
> MfG,
> Lars Schimmer

Hi Lars,
I'm using it... but not the .deb package! ;-)
Just download the static version, untar it and run... :-)
Wait... I found a problem with a library Skype needed: it was the i386
version of libXss, iirc.
To solve this little problem, simply download it from
packages.debian.org, decompress the package with dpkg (-x option) and
copy the libXss.* files in /usr/lib32 (pay attention not to copy it in
/usr/lib or /usr/lib64, since you'd overwrite the 64bit version!).
That's all... it works here!

Hope it helps.


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