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Re: New Debian User needs an idea

jim-bean@att.net wrote:
> Hello all, I am a fairly experienced Fedora user trying out Debian
> for the first time. I have a 3 disk distribution from Linux Central
> and I can get it to install and boot to a command line. The installer
> uses only the first disk. My problem is that I can't bring up the
> GUI. I have a driver for the video card but in order to install it
> gcc and the kernel headers are required, and missing. Also my only
> web source is via a wireless, which needs to be configured with
> ndiswrapper. This requires, guess what, gcc and the kernel headers so
> I can't download them. I tried aptitude and it requests a disk be
> mounted but it is not any of the disks that I have. I suspect that
> gcc is hiding on one of the disks I have if only I knew how to get to
> it. Ideas? The computer is dual booted so I could use the Fedora side
> to download and copy over. Jim Bean

You can try this; some commands may need to be adapted.

1. boot fedora
2. get Internet access working if it isn't already
3: run something like this:
   mkdir /mnt/debian
   mount /dev/sda2 /mnt/debian          # replace /dev/sda2 as needed
   mount -t proc proc /mnt/debian/proc  # maybe not needed
   mount --bind /dev /mnt/debian/dev    # maybe not needed
   chroot /mnt/debian
4. make sure Internet access works from within the chroot
5. use the chrooted shell to do whatever you need to do

Good luck,

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