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Re: does xerox workcentre 3119 work in debian amd64?

On Fri, Nov 30, 2007 at 05:18:05PM +0200, Alexandru Cabuz wrote:
> Does anybody know if the xerox workcentre 3119 works under lenny amd64? It
> seems to have an x86_64 linux driver shipped with it. But does it actually
> work?
> If anybody has any experience with this printer/scanner in amd64, please let
> me know.

Well it's a GDI printer (meaning it is essentially a dumb frame buffer
device that has to be told dot for dot by the host what to print on the
page).  In general GDI devices are rather crappy, waste a ton of cpu
time (but I guess people figure desktop users have plenty of that to
waste), and are not supported by linux.  There are some for which
drivers have been written, but no idea about that one.  Scanning is
generally even less likely to be supported, but it appears xerox claims
to have a driver.  It is however binary only, and only appears to
include pre compiled binary kernel modules, and of course only for
redhat and mandrake.  It is essentially not a driver and might as well
not exist.  So my impression is that no it won't work.

For printing, it is always best to get a printer that natively supports
postscript, which in the case of xerox would be something like the
phaser 6180.  Even a low powered machine can print on one of those.

Len Sorensen

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