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Re: Package xserver-xorg-core and Nvidia

On Wed, Nov 21, 2007 at 07:47:46PM +0100, Hans-J. Ullrich wrote:
> Dear maintainers, 
> it is not possible, to install the newest xorg-version without upgrading to a 
> newer version of nvidia-glx. Yes, I know, this is because xorg 7.3 is using a 
> new ABI for Nvidias new binary part and you need xorg7.3 for the newer 
> drivers.
> But because of these dependencies, I have to get the newer version og Nvidias 
> driver, which let freeze my system (reason is the binary closed source part 
> of the package nvidia-glx)
> So it would be nice, if you could create a package "xserver-xorg-core"  
> without the dependencies to nvidia-glx. So I can update to a newer version of 
> xorg and keep my older Nvidia driver.

But they are NOT compatible.  That means they don't work.  The new xorg
can't work with the old nvidia hence there should be a dependancy
preventing you from having the old nvidia with the new xorg.  It's a
good thing when packages prevent you from doing broken things.  The new
version of xorg simply doesn't work with old driver files becase the ABI
changed.  That's what an ABI change means.

Xorg changed the ABI in 7.3 and nvidia had to make a new driver using
the new ABI to get it working again.  It is not a case of nvidia
inventing a new ABI and xorg having to change to supprot it.  So old
driver means old ABI which means it only works with old versions of

Len SOrensen

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