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Re: Package xserver-xorg-core and Nvidia

You can make it yourself!

Get the package:
apt-get -d xserver-xorg-core

Create a directory to unpack that package:
mkdir /path/to/a/directory (example /tmp/xserver)

cd /tmp/xserver/
dpkg -e xserver-xorg-coreXXXX
dpkg -x xserver-xorg-coreXXXX /tmp/xserver

cd /tmp/xserver/DEBIAN

Edit the control file and on the line beginning by Depends remove nvidia-glx
Save the file.
cd /tmp
dpkg-deb -b xserver
It will create a new package xserver.deb that you can install.

Hope it helps


On Nov 21, 2007 7:47 PM, Hans-J. Ullrich <hans.ullrich@loop.de> wrote:
Dear maintainers,
it is not possible, to install the newest xorg-version without upgrading to a
newer version of nvidia-glx. Yes, I know, this is because xorg 7.3 is using a
new ABI for Nvidias new binary part and you need xorg7.3 for the newer

But because of these dependencies, I have to get the newer version og Nvidias
driver, which let freeze my system (reason is the binary closed source part
of the package nvidia-glx)

So it would be nice, if you could create a package "xserver-xorg-core"
without the dependencies to nvidia-glx. So I can update to a newer version of
xorg and keep my older Nvidia driver.

Best regards


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