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Re: Help New system with Adaptec 1430sa controller

Lennart Sorensen wrote:
On Tue, Nov 20, 2007 at 12:36:19PM -0500, Stephen Woodbridge wrote:
I just got a new amd64 based system that has an Adaptec 1430sa controller and Etch D-I does not recognize it. I have configured the controller to be in RAID 10 mode with one logical volume, D-I does not see any disks.

How do I install on this system?

Help would be greatly appreciated.

Well it is a fake raid card, so you are better off using it with
software raid in linux (performance and support will both be much

There exists a driver for it, although by the looks of it, it is binary
only and only available for suse and redhat as usual.

sata_mv might run it if you disable the raid setup on the card and make
it just a bunch of seperate disks.

In general you are better off buying hardware with linux support, and
any company that lists redhat and suse as supported and nothing else
tend to mean it is not supported by linux, but instead that they choose
to support redhat and suse.

If you want a hardware raid card look at areca or 3ware, not adaptec.

I was going to get the 3ware card, but with only 4 drives it seemed like overkill and from what I read running RAID 10 is faster then RAID5 in a 4 drive config. So I opted for the Adaptec controller. <sigh>

I did find


and it looks like amd64 etch-custom-1013.iso - kernel version 2.6.23 + experimental e1000e driver D-I iso recognizes the the raw drives regardless of how the raid contoller is configured. I guess I will reconfigure it as JBOD so the controller doesn't try to manage them.

So with 4 x 750GB drives, how can I get debian to build a RAID10 and make it bootable. This probably isn't the list to ask a general question like this, but ... here it is :)


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