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Re: openoffice locks graphic video ???

Am Montag 12 November 2007 schrieb helices:
> I have now experienced this three (3) times; so, it is chronic :<
> However, it is intermittent.
> Sometimes, when opening and/or manipulating an XLS created on winders;
> the desktop freezes.  The mouse pointer moves; but, no alt-tab; no
> menuse; no ctrl-f<keys>; nothing.
> When I ssh into this box, the CLI works fine.  I restart gdm; and I kill
> gdm; but, the frozen desktop video remains on the screen.
> So far, when this happens, the only solution is a full system reboot.
> What do you think?

Do you use nvidia drivers higher than 100.14.09 ? And did you activate 3D in 
OpenOfficeOrg settings ?



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