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Re: How to shift backwards on nvidia's driver?

On Mon, Nov 12, 2007 at 09:29:54AM +0100, Hans-J. Ullrich wrote:
> I am having much problems with nvidias driver higher than 100.14.09. My system 
> freezes unexpectly. This is caused by the binary part of the nvidia driver 
> and effects mostly 64-bit systems. Not every graphic card is effected, but 
> mine is. Others reported of the freeze, too, (there are some reports of it on 
> Nvidias linux site).
> Although other people might report, the driver is stable, I say: It is NOT.
> The same driver is running on my 32-bit system stable, but i repeat: Other 
> people report about the same problems. My card is a Nvidia 7300 Go.
> I suggest, to get back to 100.14.09 (you can get all packages at
> snapshots.debian.net) and revert to this driver, which is reported by everyone 
> to be very stable.
> Just take a look at my reports in this forum, too.
> The bug is in the binary part of Nvidias driver, not in the Debian part.

Well reverting requires reverting xorg too, so perhaps the problem is
nvidia screwed up something to do with the new xorg protocol.

> Good luck
> Hans
> P.S. the latest drver 100.14.23 (only downloadable at Nvidia) seem to be more 
> stable again, but I sometimes saw some weired effects (i.e. the screen went 
> down dark for a second)

Well hopefully it will be packaged soon.

Len Sorensen

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