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Re: weired logs

Am Donnerstag 08 November 2007 schrieb Ernest jw ter Kuile:
> On Thursday 08 November 2007, Hans-J. Ullrich wrote:
> >Nov  7 21:02:25 protheus2 check[7476]: [ 3] Unable to connect to
> >c105.cloudmark.com:2703; Reason: Connection refused.
> >
> > 7476
> The number between the square brackets is the process ID of whatever
> generated the message. "check" is the process name it is using, but that
> might be too generic.
> Since the pocess ID doesn't seems change for each message, have a look to
> whatever that is.
> Ernest

Hi Ernest !

Ah, yes, now it becomes all sense !
The process with number 7476 was "spamd". With the information by Jan it is 
confirming my thoughts: spamd is connecting to a provider, which inhibits 
spam: cloadmark.com. And cloudmark.com was not reachable. 

So everything is expalining it by itself. I forgot, that the number in 
brackets is the PID (shame on me !), I should have known better !

Thank you (and all the other ones, who helped) for your informations !



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